Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random acts of Kindness

I just went to the post office to mail off something. The same one I complained about before. Well anyways as I was waiting in line one of the workers seemed to attract the customers who didn't speak/understand english. I watched her smile her way thru working with one gentleman with the utmost patience. She sent him on his way with a smile and a good day. Up came the next customer. A woman who spoke Polish....seemed strange in the middle of Memphis but anyways....
The worker tried to help her thru words and actions. The worker continued to be patient and smile but couldn't get anywhere. A lady waiting in line went up and tried to help interpret thru actions. Success! She was able to help and the worker said thank you all the while still smiling.
I just love being witness to these random acts of kindness. Reminds me of why I have eternal faith and hope in the kindness of people.
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