Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a few thoughts

I guess Tiger is back in the news again. This is sad really! Not so much that he is in the news but that we focus more on that than other things that are important in this country.
My daughter came home from a visit in MI. And she was telling me about how big the newspaper section on fore closed homes was. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like that is a bigger issue than Tiger Woods. It also seems that our economy, health reform, and unemployment rate would be things to focus on instead. I imagine we would be closer to resolving the issues if we gave these things as much thought as we do Tiger or any other celeb. I'm not saying I'm not interested in the gossip I'm just saying let's put a little more energy into fixing our country too. Now this doesn't mean having debates with people with differing opinions. That doesn't really accomplish anything other than some hurt feelings. I say start with writing a letter to your states people letting them know you care and what you care about. If that doesn't seem like much then volunteer or donate clothes, food, money, etc to shelters in your area. And most definitely go out and shop. You know you're gonna buy stuff so support your local merchants first. Fill your needs that way 1st then get the rest where you can. Also don't forget the power of a smile and/or a kind word. Those go a long way. Stop focusing on the wrongs of others and focus on the rights you can do. After all fulfilling our individual destiny is up to no one but ourselves.
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