Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Social Sites

It seems to me that so many people belong to social sites these days. There are too many too keep up with so I tend to follow my favorites. And even tho they are my favorites and I enjoy the people I have met there I still struggle to stay on top of it all along with the things I do enjoy doing. After reading all the articles, blogs, questions, profiles, etc it seems I have little time to get thru a magazine, book or TV program. Is it just me and am I mismanaging my time? I don't know!
So let me tell you a bit about my favorite sites and what they do/mean to me.


It's a great place to talk about things that relate to women over 40. However it's also great for women of all ages it just relates more to things we are going thru. There are many experts with great articles that make you think or give you more insight or knowledge. We swap recipes, memories, problems and laughter. It's a great place to have a debate...politics, cheating spouses! There are contests on cutest babies, cuties pets, best dressed dining table and my favorite (cuz I won) how to make Valentines Day special for my beloved. There are product reviews on anything and everything. There are women entreprenuers that have some awesome items.... candles, chocolates, jewelry, and everything in between.
I feel like I could travel to any part of the country and I would be able to look up one of these FABULOUS women and already have a friend in town.


This was my first introduction into social sites and one that I carefully and hesitantly made my way around. That is until I found Fab40 and they made me feel better about the whole social site thing. However while I have made new friends on here that I may or may not ever meet in person. I have reconnected with old friends and stay in touch with my family too. There is always a new and funny group popping up. I am never short on hugs, smiles or other greetings. Yes of course there are those addicting games too. Thank ghoodness for my ipod touch so I can Bejeweled my way anywhere and anytime without being connected to an outlet. I even play while on the treadmill at the gym. I have also posted any funny and random things while out and about. Sure enough someone has been there and can add to the comments.


I love Twitter! I can catch up and get the latest news and weather in a flash. I know it's suppose to be a micro blog tyope thing but what the heck does that mean? Those of us who don't blog professionally or well...I don't know. What I do know is I get some great info from this site. In a Flash. I think if Elvis was alive today he would be a Twitter fool! After all the meaning of his symbol (TCB with a lightening bolt) meant Taking Care of Business in a Flash.

And my newest...
Sparkpeople- http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp

This site is great if you want to lose weight or socialize with like minded people. I got here here because of Fab40 and a group of us were interested in being more accountable for weightloss and our health journey. So we created a team on here http://www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/groups_individual.asp?gid=36822
We have had other women join this team that were not associated with Fab40 and a couple of those women have even joined Fab40. I love the food and exercise trackers and all the support and inspiration I get from here. There are recipes to help you with your goals. There is goal setting on here too.
All in all just a great place to be if your health has any meaning to you!

And the one that I have recently been listening to more often- http://www.realliferadionetwork.com/profile/VictoriaHall

This one I also came thru Fab40 and a great member there Laure. There is many interesting topics with some of the most interesting people. I don't always get to listen live but I will listen to the rebroadcasts. It's a blog but live, one you listen to vs read, one you can call in and comment on or chat in the chat room or make comments on after the show.

Of course there are others!

I could go on and on but I won't!

And of course in this world of internet socializing there is the blog world too. So many interesting stories about people, places or things.

This is when I long for a LONG winter because then I have more time to spend online. But once the warm weather moves in I have to move out. Outside that is. And even tho I am sitting on my deck right now while typing this my battery will only last so long (23% remaining) and I will be forced to go in or put it down.

So I am off......


  1. Hi Vikki!
    I remember when you were limiting your entire computer usage time. Like my news fast, maybe I'll consider it too...not likely! ;0) I don't Twitter, and I'm spending less time on Fab40 because Facebook and RLRN are my new favorites. Also, since I'm really 50-something, Fab40 was the first to go. I'll always be grateful, though for Yana for introducting me to so many amazing women...then there's SparkPeople...always there in the back of my mind, nagging (not really) and some really great "friends" I've met there and the fantastic tools.
    See you around cyberspace, Friend!

  2. So many sites, so little time...you and I are on the same page with most of these except for spark--I cannot get the hang of that one. I was not aware of Laurie's site as a social medium though--so I will be checking that out. Thanks!


  3. Hi Vikki!!! I too belong to a few social sites, but I'm finding myself getting rid of some because I'm hardly ever on it anymore... :-( Too hard to keep up with them..


    Mz. V

  4. I followed you here from Fabulously 40. I like your roses.