Thursday, June 23, 2011


So we bought a new Sealy mattress set less than 2 yrs ago. We didn't buy the most expensive. But we also didn't buy the cheapest. Well the mattress started to sag and when you look at it it has 2 valleys and 3 hills. And lordy help you if you get stuck in one of the valleys. Trying to roll over one of those hills to get out is a chore. Yes a CHORE! So instead of waking up refreshed, repaired and ready for another day we were waking up cranky, sore and tired.
So we decided to file a claim with Sealy. Apparently 1 1/4 inch sag is not enough for them to honor their warranty. Nope! It has to be 1.5 inches of sag. And of course you have to strip your bed, use a lightweight level and take pictures. You also have to take the mattress off the box springs and take some more pictures. Once you  have done that then of course you have to take the box springs off and take a picture of the bed frame.
Well we did all this and then waited. Waited. Waiting.... and waited some more. So after a month of waiting I contacted them to find out if they had reached a decision.
"Oh we are sorry we didn't contact you Mrs Hall" was their response "but NO we are not going to consider this a valid claim". What???? Not valid!!!! WTH!!!!
So we bought a new set. Suppose to help our backs since they were out of whack from the invalid claim.

We bought a Temperpedic. We get 100 nights to decide if we love it. And if not they will help us find a suitable solution. We are only into our first week of sleeping. I am hoping.....

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