Monday, March 30, 2009


I need to get my haircut and I just hate going. You would think that since I am from this area of industry it wouldn't be a big deal. But it is! I am willing to pay for a good stylist as long as they come with a good cut. They don't always. You can go to a budget salon sometimes and get a cut that is good as a high end salon. It all depends on the stylist, their communication skills, and their listening skills.
Somehow during my last cut my stylist was so caught up in being behind he didn't really pay attention to what I said. I asked for my hair to be layered all around and lots of texturizing. I also said that I wear it full and either curled or tosseled but never straight or smooth. I have tons of hair but it's fine so any excess weight will make it flat. I also explained that I blow dry and use an iron on it, what products I use. How could he go wrong?
Well the cut was not all that horrible but it wasn't fantastic either. I do believe in giving 2nd chances. I mean come on he didn't hack it up it just wasn't cut properly for me. So I go back for another try.
How do people that are not professionally trained in hair cope with the indifference, superiority and lack of listening skills?
He didn't do any better on the 2nd cut so I won't be going back. I did give him a chance to get it right and explained in more detail. Maybe that's where I am going wrong. I should just shut up and put up while I defer to his superiority.
I will continue on this journey of discovering what most people are up against. It may inspire me to pick up my scissors again.

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