Saturday, March 21, 2009


We have been waiting for ATT to decide what they are going to do. They announced awhile back some layoffs and the gov’t requested that they don’t lay off as many as planned. Well fortunately my husband is NOT getting laid off but transferred instead. To Memphis!
Now is Memphis as pretty as Chattanooga? Does it have the same laid back atmosphere? Is it clean? I have lots of questions.
But hey I’m gonna roll with it. After all what choice do I have right now?
So I need to ready my house (that I just bought in 7/08) to put on the market. Look for a new house while I am still here. Find someplace for my hubby to live there until we get a house. More than likely his job will start a week from Monday. How do you find a place to live in that amount of time? Fortunately again ATT will help with the move so all is not lost.

Did I mention ATT is laying off 12000 employees only to turn around and hire (vs offering to lay offs) 3000 cell sales employees?

I’ve got lots to do so if I don’t appear to be on it’s because of this......

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