Friday, August 28, 2009


Discrimination comes in many forms. I know we have discussed this before. But I am curious as to why we discriminate. Is it because we don’t know the all the facts? Is it because we view the world with blinders on? Or is it because of how we were raised?
I can’t claim that I NEVER discriminate. I do! I am after all human. But my reasons for discriminating usually fall under 1 of 2 catagories.... lack of knowledge or lack of patience.
I am living in a city where the former mayor had an unwritten rule that was publicly well known and spoken of (even during the mayoral debates) about not hiring white people. Is this ok? Is it fair? Or was he really trying to give a hand up? I don’t know however I feel that I have been discriminated against. I know most of you have heard my tale of the car inspection and being denied. Well since I was denied because my windshield was cracked (passenger side) I have been paying attention to the other cars on the road, other cars that were in line at the vehicle inspection place. I seen cars with cracked windshields, mirrors taped on, donuts vs tires and all other kinds of things. How did they pass? And why didn’t I?
Well I’m not a dweller usually and can I really blame the former mayor for his being a product of his upbringing?
No I can’t! But it truly saddens me.
So what can we all do to help lessen discrimination? Not just racial or ethnic but all forms of discrimination? Do you believe that you as one person can have an impact?

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