Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here I am sitting once again in the inspection line waiting... I think TN doesn't take state taxes out cuz you spend more in gas burning while sitting, spend more time off work so you can spend time sitting. After this I then have to go to another place (if I pass that is!) To get my tags. And rumor has it that I will be sitting there too. Is this a southern thing? Is it worth writing my council person about? Is it I am just impatient and I hate sitting?
I have been in line now for about 45 minutes and I still have about 18 cars in front of me. This certainly is a peace and contentment stealer.
I have read a magazine, clipped coupons, responded to emails and caught up with a friend on the phone all while sitting.
Well I guess this gives me more time to plot how I'm gonna do my version of Julie/Julia with the best of MemphisMost!
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